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Basic Information About Longboards

A longboard is sports equipment which four wheels – the so-called Wheels – owns, which are secured to a deck. Cheap Longboard usually consists of pure wood; quality is in turn made of maple, which then have a core of a polymer which increases the strength. A longboard is a sports equipment, which is often used for long trips. It can alternatively also be used for downhill or for carving – here it comes entirely on the driving style


Before you order a longboard in the online shop, you should note that they have Körßermaße clear. Have big feet; then the board should be built accordingly wide. With an increased width, the longboard is also growing in length. Only when the correct proportions, the balance can be maintained. So Make it the first step to the size of her feet. Fits her shoe complete the Longboard, then the deck is large enough.

In the second step, they should ascertain which body weights can carry the longboard. There are boards for little people, but there are also individual boards, which are designed for people who have a higher weight. Which Longboard they buy, thus depends on their weight. Read the manufacturer’s recommendation, look at reviews and check it yourself via opinions of other buyers.

So they get a good overview. You can say that obese people should resort to a board that has eight layers. In the shop, you can see how many documents have the respective Longboard decks. Also on the manufacturer sites (for example sector 9 longboards) have a lot of information to find the boards.
If these two criteria clarified, you’re can devote the actual purchase. In our shop, you will find the best longboards for beginners who can convince a small price in the test report. Just longboard beginners do not spend vast sums on decks and wheels. A good longboard for beginners, there is already very low. Make them to compare prices in our shop!

Essential criteria for the purchase

The movement

If you have decided on a longboard, they should, of course, can also dominate. Otherwise, you fall into the scene of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich on quickly. You should know what axes, trucks, Bushings and grip tape are. When longboarding for beginners and gloves are with this and are for beginners a must. There are basically for beginners a simple technique, how the board can be moved. Imagine her foothold on the board and push off with the other leg off the floor. If they have taken sufficient speed, they can put a foot on the board and can be rolled. Especially when it comes down, this technique is particularly attractive. However, these are a beginner technique.

If she is skilled, they can be the method of pumping acquire. It is an engineering company that comes from Waveboard ago. Here, they have both feet on the Longboard and move the vehicle only with the weight shift. In Longboard test, this technique proves to be particularly easy on the joints, but it requires a lot of practice. Imagine with both feet on the Longboard – the feet must look to the edge. Now they should forward their weight back and stored so that a swinging motion arises. You will notice after a few attempts; they can move their board in this way gently forward. Perfecting them this technique, they can travel long distances traveled, without having to get off the board.

Long Board for beginners is not easy. Suitable for beginners, therefore, sure longboards, which offer plenty of grips. Would you like to start the Longboard and learning to ride longboard that driving technique is important. Driving styles, as pumping or pushing Slide, cruising, cruising, dancing, freestyle come later.

The deck of Longboards

On the one hand, there is a longboard from the deck. It is a platform made of wood or plastic, which must have enormous strengths. The deck is, however, not only responsible for maintenance but can also visually convincing. Many Longboarder can be printed on the underside of the deck, a motif. Alternatively, search for, prefabricated boards that already have a print.

On the top side of the board, there is then the upper deck. Here, a film is usually attached, which can be swapped at will. It provides them with the necessary support on the board because it has a grip surface. So they do not slip into the shoe by the board during the journey. You should replace the film after a few movements, as they may wear out over time.

The rollers must match

If you are buying not only on the cover but also to the nature of the roles. First, the roles should be adapted to the driving environment. If they drive slowly through the streets, then the use of a soft roll may be advisable. The price comparison these are not particularly expensive but wear out quickly. The soft rolls have a higher grip on the road and the same driving unevenness better. If they aim for high speeds, they will have better access to hard tires. The hard Wheels prevent rolling of the tires at high speeds, which is why they are like installed in a downhill longboard.

Moreover, Be also careful about the size of the wheels. Firstly, the wheel must not be so large that it touches the deck, but it must not be too small. Basically you can say that they should fall at high speeds into large rolls. Take it slowly, then they choose small roles. The small wheels can be braked smoothly. However, large wheels are the best choice when high speeds will be achieved. Here also worth using specially thin tires. These have a not so high friction and accelerate better.

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