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Bike or Car – Easy Decision

How many articles have you read where you got reasons to choose the bike instead of the car or vice versa? Surely more than one, and if you have not, surely at some point because you do Google searches hundreds of accumulated results and it is a topic that can arise at any level.

In life it seems to always choose white or black, science or letters, city or country, beach or mountain … but not always do a dichotomy, the solution can happen by not having to do without something but by choosing it all together.

With the means of transport, it is the same, it seems that you need to have to choose, but it is a wrong conclusion. It is best to use each in its proper context and use their advantages to make our daily lives much easier.

The benefits of using bicycles as means of transport:

In European countries such as Spain, Denmark, Poland, Holland and France, and in some Asian as China, the bicycle is a very common means of transport among its inhabitants. And it is believed that around the world, 800 million bicycles roll every day, with benefits not only for people but for the care of the environment.

And although we are still afraid to use bicycles as a means of transport, the capital, Bogota, was recently chosen by the Spanish Eroski Consumer Foundation as the eighth best city in the world to be transported in these two-wheeled vehicles in Colombia.

So why this means of transport is not used by citizens? Many complaints about the insecurity as an obstacle to using it regularly. Others argue that the geography of their cities are not right to use it and even car drivers do not respect their path and therefore may be vulnerable to suffer a traffic accident.

For these and many other reasons, the use of bicycles in Colombia is still rare. But, if you have not thought of using your bike as transportation, whether for short journeys, you should do that because you can benefit from your health, care for the environment and your pocket.

1. Benefits for your health

The use of a bicycle can improve your physical and emotional health. Among others, its advantages are:

  • Helps the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, and improves lung capacity.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • It helps improve motor coordination.
  • It is an excellent aerobic exercise to combat the risks of being overweight and obesity.
  • It reduces stress levels and improves mood.
  • It can be an excellent alternative to bringing families together around sports.

2. Benefits for the environment

A city with a high circulation of bicycles through the streets is definitely a friendly environment city, it helps to reduce levels of environmental pollution and levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and other particles that favor contamination from the air.

3. Advantages for the care of the family economy

When using the bike, you will also save a lot of money because they do not spend on taxes, gasoline, parking, tolls, maintenance costs, payment of fares of public transport, etc.

4. The benefits of car

  • Freedom
  • Speed
  • Accessibility

Cars vs bicycles

In our routine, the way we perform most common is that we finish our working day and we return back to our home.

In France, especially in large cities, they have found a method that demonstrates that using the bicycle and the car, in the same way, you can have the ideal solution to reach the destination in the shortest possible time and in a comfortable and sustainable way.

Approaching the center of a city by driving often means having to be patient, not only to pass the minutes because we have to go at very low speed or stop in a traffic jam, but to find a place to park and have to spend half the salary in a parking lot or garage.

To avoid having to go through that trance, we can go by car to one of the many parks that exist in all cities, we can leave it there for hours and for a small fee.

And at that moment, the bicycle comes into play which takes you from that point to your destination by pedaling.

So you combine the savings and get the benefits of cycling. Cycling for an hour burns an average of 500 calories and also helps improve heart rate, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Image: http://citizensofculture.com/
Image: http://citizensofculture.com/

In order to combine these two means of transport, you need a roomy car that allows you to carry your bike as comfortable as possible.

The cheapest solution is to put the bike in the trunk by folding down the rear seats. In this case, remember to secure with straps for your safety and not just for a possible fine, but because with a bicycle of 14 kilos, you can hit with a force of 500 kilos if an accident occurred at 56 km / h.

You could also use a roof rack. It is the most widespread system consists of a rail on which rests the complete bicycle and two arms (or one) that hold the bicycle in the box. The rear wheel must also attach to the bike and does not tilt forward under braking.

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