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9 Must Haves for Going on a Bike Picnic


You are going on a bike picnic with your favourite people? You are wondering what to do and how to do it? Let’s find out what are 9 must-have items for a bike picnic, once you got all of them covered, you will be able to picnic like a pro! 1. A picnic basket You will always need a picnic basket to carry your meal and necessities. The good picnic basket should always come with a solid hinged lid and handles. It depends on the number of people will be attending the picnic to choose a right basket. Must be sturdy, roomy and lightweight since you will carry it on your bike. 2. Sheet, blanket, cloths You will need a blanket to save space and have all your picnic-goers, it also gives you a more sturdy surface. Fabric: the sheet or blanket are supposed to be weatherproof and water-repellent, easy to clean. Size: It depends on how many people your family has, choose a size that is large enough for everyone to sit on and comfortably hold all the picnic-goers and foods but folds small so it can fit inside the picnic basket.

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The Perfect Bike Picnic for a Summer’s Day


What is the best way to spend your beautiful summer day? What does your perfect summer’s day look like? A summer day full of activities on the beach What about a bike picnic by the ocean, all carefree and just enjoy the day? Isn’t it great? To many of us, nothing we love more than to go to the beach. Some love to watch the sunrise and sunset on the horizon line, so if you do, plan the right timing so you won’t miss the beautiful view. Capture the gorgeous moment with your camera because it’s not the view you can see every day. And don’t forget to share them with your friends on Instagram or Facebook. Some love to take a walk along the coastline and enjoy the fresh sunshine, the warm sand and the cool waves splashing over your feet. Imagine standing on the beach, taste the salty smell of the ocean and listen to the sound of waves crashing into a rocky shore. Trust me, listen to the noise of ocean can actually calm you down. Some have a hobby of collecting seashells, there are many types and sizes for you to choose from: Conch shells, olive …

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