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The Bike Lock Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Bicycle Security


To cyclists, one of the most traumatizing things is to find the remnants of your bike or lock lying on the ground right where you just left your secured bike just a few minutes ago. Your beloved bike has a higher chance of getting stolen if you live in a crowded place like a big town or a college campus and you often leave your bike unattended for some time. What would you do then? Getting a cheaper bike? Giving up of on riding? Or getting a better lock next time? Riding a bike gives you and the environment so many benefits, so don’t even think of abandoning it. And why buy a beater bike when you can have a nice and more secured bike at the same time? There are several types of locks for you to choose from such as: D-locks (U-locks), chain locks, folding locks, cable locks and some new designs. Buy the best locks (you can afford) D-locks are the most secure method at the moment. Don’t be cheap, buy a high-quality lock instead of a cheap one. Or you have a higher chance of having to buy a new bike, and a new lock! Choose …

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Mike the Bike – The Most Dominant Racer of All Times


Motorcycle racing is considered as one of the most exciting and anticipated sports in the world. Motorcycle lovers all over the world are crazy with Grand Prix racing circuits where the top riders compete. Those men in their cool outfit and awesome helmet (check out best motorcycle helmet) ride on the most innovative bikes of their era to their victories. The glory for the winner is just too much to resist. Every year, there are countless young boys starting their pursuit of a racing career with the dream to be a new legend of the motorcycle racing world like Giacomo Agostini, Mike Hailwood or Valentino Rossi. Among the greatest racers of all time, Mike Hailwood was not the one with the most wins, yet he is considered to be the most dominant one; which means the ratio of his wins over the races he attended is the highest of all. Mike Hailwood was also called “Mike the Bike” because he had the natural talent to ride on all types of bike in a wide range of engines. He was not just a legend in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing, he even competed in Grand Prix racing for Formula One, being …

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Guide on How to Maintain and Repair the Mountain Bike


To reach the mountain biking, you need to study carefully the elements on the bike to buy them. The selected elements must be suitable with each other, the technical quality stability and the price is not high. Currently, there are a lot of good mountain bikes under 500 in the market. MountainbikeEZ is one of them.   After you have bought and used, the next important is maintenance. Repair and maintenance of mountain bike can be difficult for one person but very easily with others.To cater to the maintenance, repair your bike terrain and everyone can do it. If you start with the maintenance and service of basic bicycle, before you know it, you’ll have all the tools mountain bike to do a complete maintenance services on bike only you.   Check Saddle and Mountain Bike’s Handlebars

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The Perfect Bike Picnic for a Summer’s Day


What is the best way to spend your beautiful summer day? What does your perfect summer’s day look like? A summer day full of activities on the beach What about a bike picnic by the ocean, all carefree and just enjoy the day? Isn’t it great? To many of us, nothing we love more than to go to the beach. Some love to watch the sunrise and sunset on the horizon line, so if you do, plan the right timing so you won’t miss the beautiful view. Capture the gorgeous moment with your camera because it’s not the view you can see every day. And don’t forget to share them with your friends on Instagram or Facebook. Some love to take a walk along the coastline and enjoy the fresh sunshine, the warm sand and the cool waves splashing over your feet. Imagine standing on the beach, taste the salty smell of the ocean and listen to the sound of waves crashing into a rocky shore. Trust me, listen to the noise of ocean can actually calm you down. Some have a hobby of collecting seashells, there are many types and sizes for you to choose from: Conch shells, olive …

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What Make A Biker Become Experience?


When people mention “biker”, we often think of the person who loves traveling by bike but few people have a proper definition of it. They do not consider two-wheeled vehicle is the means but is something like a friend to conquer or confide. They live liberally but still comply with a series of rules to ensure a healthy hobby, safe. Before every new departure for a trip, you should prepare the necessary things for yourself carefully. You will not be missing personal belongings, first aid bag injuries, large and small plastic bags, raincoats, etc. Moreover, you also need to bring both the player and the camera, battery charger for your phone and especially a studio monitor. If you are a biker and also a person loving music and want to bring music along with you in every way, everywhere you come, you’d better go with a studio monitor. The other devices such as a headphone or normal speakers would not satisfy you, trust me. You should take a look at the website http://soldierstudio.com/ and some articles that talk about some best studio monitor review. Music will make you feel better and fresher after all the long way you pass, especially …

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Avoid Cycling Accidents


Unfortunately, when riding a bike, you have to share space with cars, it is much more fragile and vulnerable, so both drivers and cyclists should pay maximum attention to the movement. Here I discuss some tips for both cyclists and motorists to avoid as far as possible the numerous accidents that occur on our roads and that often are fatal Tips for cyclists: Always wear a helmet, sometimes it can be annoying or get too warm, but it is always better to hit with your head. Always using light: at night using lights and reflective both on the bike and in your clothes, day wears clothes of bright colors that can not be confused with the landscape. Do not use “walkmans” as it will not let you hear what is going on around you. Always ride in a straight line and do go zigzagging they can take without warning to drivers. Circulating bike lanes. Do not ride on the way in which it is forbidden for bicycles. Watch well in advance of the maneuvers you will perform, use the arms for it. Respect the road signs (stop, traffic lights, traffic police, etc.). Never let go hands off the handlebars. Do …

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Bike or Car – Easy Decision

Image: http://citizensofculture.com/

How many articles have you read where you got reasons to choose the bike instead of the car or vice versa? Surely more than one, and if you have not, surely at some point because you do Google searches hundreds of accumulated results and it is a topic that can arise at any level. In life it seems to always choose white or black, science or letters, city or country, beach or mountain … but not always do a dichotomy, the solution can happen by not having to do without something but by choosing it all together. With the means of transport, it is the same, it seems that you need to have to choose, but it is a wrong conclusion. It is best to use each in its proper context and use their advantages to make our daily lives much easier. The benefits of using bicycles as means of transport: In European countries such as Spain, Denmark, Poland, Holland and France, and in some Asian as China, the bicycle is a very common means of transport among its inhabitants. And it is believed that around the world, 800 million bicycles roll every day, with benefits not only for people …

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The Tips To Ride a Bike Safely at Night


To cycle on the road alongside with the other users, you may sometimes feel unsafe. See our tips to minimize any risk when you’re on the car sides, trucks, scooters and more. Pay attention to trucks and buses Towering trucks can sometimes be dangerous for the rider. It is sometimes safer to stay behind if you have no guarantee of the safety. Same for the bus. However, exceed a bus can be a little less risky, their driving position is lower and the driver is equipped with a wider field of vision. However before passing, always try to gauge the situation and your options. Warning motorcycles and scooters They drive very fast and can arise from one minute to another, which is why it is necessary to be careful. In traffic, it is better to always be on guard and always look twice to your back before you change lanes. For a better view, you can install on your bike a mirror that offers good visibility. To be visible During the day or night, to be spotted on the road is essential when riding a bicycle. If we see other vehicles, there will be less risk and for everyone. For …

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