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Car Or Motorcycle: What To Choose First?


Is it better to buy a car or a motorcycle? Life is still much simpler with its own rapid means of transport, rather than having to travel on foot or by public transport wherever you want! But two main solutions available to you and it is not always easy to decide between buying a car or buy a motorcycle for the first time. Therefore, in this article, we will presents the advantages and disadvantages of each type of vehicle to make sure you make the right choice at the right time. Why buy a car? First, you have a car that not only offers great freedom but much more security and convenience. Indeed, you can establish your own route when you want without worrying about drinks and it also ensure that you arrive safely whenever you want. You will be much less likely to be late or miss your stop and end up nowhere by the lack of attention! You choose your speed and driving style to suit you best for your needs. So you can adopt safer driving and get a protection system that is highly developed throughout your journey. In case of shock, the car subsides impact of …

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Cars And Motorbike, Which is safer?


Are you considering buying cars or motorbike? In term of safety, here is the comparison between these 2 popular vehicles. Drive a motorcycle is dangerous Let’s see, raise your hand if you have ever been told that ride a motorcycle is very dangerous. If we give one euro for every time we have to hear things like this, surely we could change the bike much easier than asking for money from the bank. It turns out that if we look at some statistics compiled, assuming that in the US in 2012, 4.957 people driving a motorcycle died. The data come from various sources, but all refer to the USA. In 2015: Alcohol killed in 2010 to 25.692 people. 440,000 people a year from diseases related to smoking die. Poor diet and lack of exercise is behind the death of 400,000 people. Nearly 98,000 Americans died last year because of preventable medical errors. The secondhand smoke causes 49,000 deaths annually in passive smokers. 48,614 Americans died from flu 2003/04. 39,000 people die each year from poisoning or drug homemade products. Firearms caused 31,940 deaths last year in the USA, most were suicides. A fall at home is behind 25,000 deaths annually. …

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Top Key Points To Keep Your Motorbike in Shape


In some parts of the world now, you start seeing motorcycles down the street, simply because people want to do something in good weather on the streets and roads. Luckily, we can enjoy our bikes practically throughout the year, but our beloved bike needs some maintenance. Without getting into the jobs in a professional workshop, there are always some adjustments or revisions we can do in our own home, better in our own garage. The five key points to keep your motorbike in shape are 1. Check the crankcase oil level This is one of the most basic operations in the motorcycle world, while in many models, we do not even need staining because the level seen through a porthole installed in the crankcase or at the oil tank. In case you need to fill, we must follow the instructions in the manual of the motorbike. There we should indicate the type of oil to use. But you always have to be careful not to exceed the maximum indicated, because if it is bad to carry little oil. Anyway, if our bike consumes much oil it can be a symptom of a more serious breakdown, which will be necessary to …

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