Cars And Motorbike, Which is safer?

Are you considering buying cars or motorbike? In term of safety, here is the comparison between these 2 popular vehicles.

Drive a motorcycle is dangerous

Let’s see, raise your hand if you have ever been told that ride a motorcycle is very dangerous. If we give one euro for every time we have to hear things like this, surely we could change the bike much easier than asking for money from the bank.

It turns out that if we look at some statistics compiled, assuming that in the US in 2012, 4.957 people driving a motorcycle died. The data come from various sources, but all refer to the USA.

In 2015:

  • Alcohol killed in 2010 to 25.692 people.
  • 440,000 people a year from diseases related to smoking die.
  • Poor diet and lack of exercise is behind the death of 400,000 people.
  • Nearly 98,000 Americans died last year because of preventable medical errors.
  • The secondhand smoke causes 49,000 deaths annually in passive smokers.
  • 48,614 Americans died from flu 2003/04.
  • 39,000 people die each year from poisoning or drug homemade products.
  • Firearms caused 31,940 deaths last year in the USA, most were suicides.
  • A fall at home is behind 25,000 deaths annually.
  • 20,000 people died because of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • 17,000 people died from drug abuse.
  • About 9,000 people died in an accident in the bathroom at 1.999.

NHTSA estimates that 24% of traffic accidents are caused by distracted motorbike drivers. Which means that at least 7,247 people died.

So you know, when you say that driving a motorcycle is dangerous, you have a few arguments not to pursue the discussion. But above all, we must emphasize that if we do not conduct all with respect for the rules and other road users, of little worth these statistics.

Meanwhile, Cars must meet a lot of safety standard.

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Bike or Car – Easy Decision

How many articles have you read where you got reasons to choose the bike instead of the car or vice versa? Surely more than one, and if you have not, surely at some point because you do Google searches hundreds of accumulated results and it is a topic that can arise at any level.

In life it seems to always choose white or black, science or letters, city or country, beach or mountain … but not always do a dichotomy, the solution can happen by not having to do without something but by choosing it all together.

With the means of transport, it is the same, it seems that you need to have to choose, but it is a wrong conclusion. It is best to use each in its proper context and use their advantages to make our daily lives much easier.

The benefits of using bicycles as means of transport:

In European countries such as Spain, Denmark, Poland, Holland and France, and in some Asian as China, the bicycle is a very common means of transport among its inhabitants. And it is believed that around the world, 800 million bicycles roll every day, with benefits not only for people but for the care of the environment.

And although we are still afraid to use bicycles as a means of transport, the capital, Bogota, was recently chosen by the Spanish Eroski Consumer Foundation as the eighth best city in the world to be transported in these two-wheeled vehicles in Colombia.

So why this means of transport is not used by citizens? Many complaints about the insecurity as an obstacle to using it regularly. Others argue that the geography of their cities are not right to use it and even car drivers do not respect their path and therefore may be vulnerable to suffer a traffic accident.

For these and many other reasons, the use of bicycles in Colombia is still rare. But, if you have not thought of using your bike as transportation, whether for short journeys, you should do that because you can benefit from your health, care for the environment and your pocket.

1. Benefits for your health

The use of a bicycle can improve your physical and emotional health. Among others, its advantages are:

  • Helps the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, and improves lung capacity.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • It helps improve motor coordination.
  • It is an excellent aerobic exercise to combat the risks of being overweight and obesity.
  • It reduces stress levels and improves mood.
  • It can be an excellent alternative to bringing families together around sports.

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Top Key Points To Keep Your Motorbike in Shape

In some parts of the world now, you start seeing motorcycles down the street, simply because people want to do something in good weather on the streets and roads. Luckily, we can enjoy our bikes practically throughout the year, but our beloved bike needs some maintenance.

Without getting into the jobs in a professional workshop, there are always some adjustments or revisions we can do in our own home, better in our own garage. The five key points to keep your motorbike in shape are


1. Check the crankcase oil level

This is one of the most basic operations in the motorcycle world, while in many models, we do not even need staining because the level seen through a porthole installed in the crankcase or at the oil tank. In case you need to fill, we must follow the instructions in the manual of the motorbike. There we should indicate the type of oil to use. But you always have to be careful not to exceed the maximum indicated, because if it is bad to carry little oil. Anyway, if our bike consumes much oil it can be a symptom of a more serious breakdown, which will be necessary to take it to a workshop for inspection thoroughly.

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Some Tips To Choose And Use OBD2 Scanner Exactly

     Since the 1980s, the car manufacturers had started to use electronic chips to follow up and diagnose the issues which relate to the damaged car engine. And this leads to the formation of OBD and next generation is OBD2. So, what is OBD2? Is it reliable ? Now, we will find an answer. Here is an abbreviation of the “On Board Diagnostics”. This is the system which can diagnose the car’s faults automatically. It is attached on mainboard in the black box that can suitable with specific car. Nowaday, this system is appeared on the most car engine. On the current market, there are a lot kind of this machine, so you need to refer to obd2 scanner reviews to choose the best obd2 scanner for the money of your family on youtube or facebook . After buying a car, if you do not know how to choose a corresponding OBD2 Scanner, we’ll give you some opinions. And in the final part we will show you a few basic ways to use this machine.
  • Some information about OBD2 Scanner

As we mentioned, OBD2 is an abbreviation of the On Board Diagnostics – generation 2. This is the machine hierarchy which is integrated on most the engines of the car around the year 2001 at Europe as well as Japan and 1996 at America. OBD2 Scanner monitor hierarchy of the necessary factors in your car, consist of the control of harmful release gases. The hierarchy can turn the lights on whose function is warning fastly , as known as lamp light “MIL” or  “Check System of Engine”. OBD2 Scanner hierarchy not only keep the environment on the earth is cleaned but also keeping take your car realize accidents when it is trivial accident before it becomes something being serious . The code which is fault of the OBD2 Scanner system will store the useful information. We call them is “useful imformation” because they can help for the machine or even the owner looks for the bug and fix them by supporting the diagnosation about technich of engine

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The Tips To Ride a Bike Safely at Night

To cycle on the road alongside with the other users, you may sometimes feel unsafe. See our tips to minimize any risk when you’re on the car sides, trucks, scooters and more.

Pay attention to trucks and buses

Towering trucks can sometimes be dangerous for the rider. It is sometimes safer to stay behind if you have no guarantee of the safety.

Same for the bus. However, exceed a bus can be a little less risky, their driving position is lower and the driver is equipped with a wider field of vision. However before passing, always try to gauge the situation and your options.

Warning motorcycles and scooters

They drive very fast and can arise from one minute to another, which is why it is necessary to be careful. In traffic, it is better to always be on guard and always look twice to your back before you change lanes. For a better view, you can install on your bike a mirror that offers good visibility.

To be visible

During the day or night, to be spotted on the road is essential when riding a bicycle. If we see other vehicles, there will be less risk and for everyone. For this, use reflective elements and lights front and rear.

Do not hesitate to use your arms to signal a change of direction or your doorbell, if necessary, to be heard. Also, always try to prevent a situation. Pay attention to turn signals, look if there is or not people in parked cars, hear the engine running …

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