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Some Simple Tips for You to Have a Good Sleep

We cannot deny the fact that sleep plays an important role in your life and we have to perform daily to renew energy for the next day. In addition, enough sleep can help us prevent much health problem and serious. Otherwise, we will become irritable, tired and emaciated.

When you sleep, the growth hormone in your body is secreted, which have effect on against the penetration of bacteria and virus. Additionally, sleep is able to slow down the elderly and prolong the youth for everyone.

You should know that a good sleep has ability to drain the fatigue, restore energy lost, keep the nerve balance and brain protection, so it can keep the human spirit is for peaceful and it will restore and enhance memory to improve performance at work. In particular, after hard working hours, people need to have a sweet sleep. The lack of sleep can make people become angry and lead them to many diseases such as headache, hypertension and so on.

In fact, a lot of people despise sleep. They say that they cannot go to bed when your favorite programmers are not over, their work is not completed, their clothes are unwashed and their kids are doing their homework. In particular, the mothers often have short sleep since their kids often wake up at midnight. So, how to have a good sleep, even in a short period? The following tips will help you.

  1. Prepare bed

Apart from choosing the best sleeper sofas 2016 in order that you can feel most comfortable pull out couch, you should prepare a bed carefully. In the case, you are a person who feel hard to sleep, do not hesitate to invest good pillows and mattresses.

  1. Wake up on time every morning

If you want to wake up automatically in time without a clock, selecting a fixed time mode is the first thing you should do. Day by day, you can get up on time without any alarm. Getting up on time every day will help you have a good new day and work effectively. As a result, you will sleep well in the evening.

  1. Never eat sugary foods (including starch) and protein at night

You should be aware that sleep cycle is often affected by the food we have every day.  We will not be sleepy when we are full. Therefore, in the case you wish to sleep at night, avoid eating foods containing protein and sugar after six o’clock in the evening.

  1. Stop drinking coffee

When you feel stressful and tired, a cup of coffee can be a good solution but you should know that it would make you more tired at night. Therefore, do not hesitate to give up drinking coffee for a good sleep. It is not too hard for you to do as you just stop it in the evening, your sleep cycle will be Ok.

  1. Drink hot tea or have a hot water bath

When you was a kid, you mother used to drink hot milk and  take warm bath in the evening. This is the effective way to relax. The child will sleep until the next morning if he takes a warm bath before bedtime. You can also apply this way for yourself.

  1. Take a nap about twenty minutes

Do you know when you take a nap more than twenty minutes; you will have difficult in sleeping at night? Hence, you should sleep about twenty minutes at noon. In addition, take a nap around three pm will help you fall asleep at night easier.

  1. Turn off the light

If there is light creeping into your room, whether it is just streetlights, it can be a cause of waking you up. Thus, you can use the cloth on the eye or use more curtains to block the light entering the room.

  1. Do morning exercise

Surveys show that people wake up and do morning exercise will be easy to sleep better at night.

Benefits of morning exercise for sleep

The latest research the USA shows that people can improve the state of sleep and sleep quality if they do morning exercise every day. Expert studies of human sleep, GS. William Roberts also said that a good sleep is a basic part of a healthy life, so the mental state and body of human will be improved thanks to the sleep. Through sports and exercises, the insomnia will be treated and people can avoid the side effects caused by treatment with medicines.

In the case, you are a fan of activities; it is a good idea for you to join in outdoor aerobic classes in the evening to minimize the loss of sleep at night. If you have regular exercise practice, you will realize that you will fall asleep faster and sleep well. For people who do not have time, they can do sport about twenty to thirty minutes, which is more beneficial than sleeping with that time. Every afternoon, you can ride a bike, walk or jog instead of drinking coffee and tea to have better sleep at night.

  1. Turn off the TV


You are wrong if you think that watching TV will bring you an easy sleep but in reality, it will make you turning and tossing all night.

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