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Tips To Choose Cheap Or Expensive Stereo For Your Car

Choose a new stereo for your car requires several steps, including the decision on how much you want to spend, the type of features you want, if you want satellite or HD radio, determine the configuration of current stereo in your car and determine the size of stereo suitable for your vehicle (double din head unit or single din head unit). In this article, we will review some of the basic steps required to choose a best car head unit for your car.


  1. Determine your price range

You can get a decent stereo for less than $ 100 in most cases.

  1. See if you have a USB port.

If you have an iPod or iPhone, some stereos have a USB port which, in most cases, read the files on your device, play songs and charge the battery, all with the cable that came with your device.

If you do not have an iPod or iPhone, USB port some stereos accepts a USB stick and can also play the files you have inside.

If you do not want to spend much, most stereos include an auxiliary audio input jack of 3.5 mm that allows you to connect an audio cable between the stereo and your iPod or iPhone or other music devices. This method does not load or control your iPod or iPhone nor read files on the device, only serves to music that you have in memory.

  1. Consider the extra features

If you travel frequently, some stereos offer the ability to add an SIRIUS or XM satellite radio tuner that you must install inside your car. Also, in some cases, the stereo come with satellite radio and only need an antenna to function and you must connect to the rear of the unit, however, you will have to pay a monthly fee or an annual subscription to use this service.

  1. Decide whether you want HD or not

If you’re tired of listening stations standard AM or FM on your stereo radio, consider buying one that has an HD radio tuner. HD Radio is free and has better sound quality than AM stations and FM radio standards. Instead of listening to one AM station or FM radio frequency, there are 5 additional FM stations AM or you can listen at the same frequency.

  1. Decide if you want to have Bluetooth.

If you’re always on your car, some devices allow you to add Bluetooth stereo or you can also buy one you already have installed. The voice of the caller will hear all the speakers of your car stereo and most who have this technology Bluetooth come with a built-in microphone. You must connect the wireless network of your cellular network stereo to use this technology. Some even allow you to play stereo music wirelessly through this system.

  1. Looking for a stereo that has no port for discs

If you do not listen to music discs in your car, maybe you should look for a stereo that does not have the port disc or a digital stereo. These stereos do not have a port for disk and only include radio, ability to integrate with iPods or iPhones and other devices. They are generally cheaper than those that do include the port disc.

  1. Consider the options of your car manufacturer

Do you have a disc changer in the trunk? Your car comes with factory satellite radio? You have controls at the helm for the radio? Do you have an improved audio system or an amplifier? Your vehicle uses the stereo to play alerts through the speaker? These are some of the considerations you should analyze when you change the factory stereo in your car.

  1. Consider the installation method in your decision process

Can you install the stereo on your own or you pay someone to do it for you? Most sellers of electronics or auto parts stores will install your computer for free. If you’re going to install it on your own, it is difficult to disassemble the dashboard of your car to remove the stereo that comes with it.

  1. Considers expansion options

You want to add some other feature in your car stereo later?

  1. Finally, look for a stereo that fits in your vehicle

The DIN units are the most common units of car stereos and only need a small rectangular space on the dashboard of your car. DIN units and a half, or two DIN are used in many American and imported cars. They occupy a larger square on the dashboard of your car space. The factory stereos may require that you use DIN find tools available in most electronics stores and auto parts stores for less than $ 5. You can also make your own tools with metal clothes hangers.

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