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What Brats Are Needed? For Someone Starting Golf

One question that appears when you are new to golf and want to start is what sticks should I buy? That mark? Do I need a full or half-game? I think in this post I can answer those questions, of course, from my point of view. For best performance, opt for the laser rangefinder.

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I do not take forever to this terribly difficult world of golf, but enough to know what must be done, to begin with, in this case, regarding a player bats novel should carry in your bag. Many people will say that you have them all, other than three is enough … It’s like everything; a concrete answer is complicated.

My opinion is that you should not have to start many clubs, is entirely unnecessary that you buy what would be a relatively complete game like an average player could carry in your bag and it could be:

The driver, three wood, 5-wood, hybrid 3 4 iron, five iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, iron, 8, nine iron, wedges, sand, and one of 60 pitch and putt.

I think you need wood or a hybrid to go out in pairs 4 and 5 (which require it). Initially, you can not use them because they are too difficult and always come out with irons to play more than to lose balls. Do not worry, one of your goals in practice court will throw hundreds of balls with wood or hybrid you have chosen until you can use already in the field. I would recommend a natural wood like 7 or a similar combination as the 20th (Hybrid 4). Buy yourself one of the two and practice.

In irons, it supposed low as distance increases the number of the order of ten meters. That at first does not correspond to reality, you do more or less the same with the adjacent sticks, so with half series (even or odd) have more than enough. Realmente the first months only emplearás an iron as 7 or 8 for long shots a wedge (pitch or sand) for hits from near the green and holed the putt for (get the ball in the hole).

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First months: 7-iron, pitch, and putt, will suffice.

Next: 7 wood, five iron, seven iron, nine iron, sand, and putt.

You can share a full set of irons thinking ahead, it’s not a bad idea, so you become familiar with them but always uses the stick with which you see yourself able to give a real blow, do not fall into error using the stick would use a good player if not mastered the practice court before.

Regarding the brands you have several options; in Spain, in my opinion, there is an excellent brand of golf media fans is the Corte Ingles, Boomerang, its woods are fantastic and at a very low price compared to the typical brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, also have good … iron sets, balls, etc … I recommend equip you here. You can also go to Decathlon Genesis brand golf is not bad either and has quality ranges from a slightly bad and cheap, a good, albeit expensive. I prefer the woods and hybrids Boomerang.

Another option is to buy online. But above all very valuable advice: DO NOT BUY IN INTERNET USED OR NEW PALOS if not at a reputable; you do not buy a new or almost unused to a particular club, I know several cases of people who buy fake sticks of China Internet and sells them on eBay as if they were genuine saying or that are new or that has been used recently. To buy yourself that false sticks, although I would not recommend, tend to break very easily and Boomerang holds to a similar wrong price, they are far better quality. Clonic golf clubs are exact meet as bad (and good) that wrong.

My friends and I have bought, and there has been no problem, are incríblemente cheap (but legal) and are quick to send the material, take a look at the page.

Finally, I do not recommend you buy the driver until you overcome your problems and sticks out widely and be able to use a timber on the street (not on the tee). I see many players make bad tee shots a driver may have used a five wood with which they had had a better result.

Is the best thing on the practice court learn to use what then emplearás in the field, do not do experiments on the field, always go wrong. Nor despair for not knowing how to use a stick, it’s just a matter of throw balls, a lot of balls, which you handle it as bad as others; what is critical is perseverance, if you keep trying you’ll end up being a good player.

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