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What You Should Know About Humidifier

best humidifier for baby

Humidifiers are available in numerous shapes, sizes, and systems. They can be found for example in the blocker, gamma and nowadays even at bol.com. But you will get enough information to form a clear picture of what actually humidifier is best for you?

Do you need a best humidifier for your baby, or are you just there for a big space? That kind of thing can be quite confusing.

Precisely, for this reason, we like to give some additional information about humidifiers, but with us, you can also dehumidifiers and air purifiers. We set up some useful tips and information for your buying guide at a glance in our humidifiers.

What might also be nice to know; a humidifier does not have to be so expensive. There are even quite inexpensive humidifier for baby available, and there is always somewhere an exclusive offer that saves the course.


Features of A Humidifier

Replaceable filter or not

A humidifier always makes use of a filter. Some humidifiers have this substitution. Others sit it into the device. With a replaceable filter, you should consider additional future costs, given that you need to purchase new filters. The service life of the filter is indicated by the manufacturer

Tank capacity for water

In a humidifier is a water reservoir, the content of which is indicated in liters.

Maximum humidification in m2

Check when buying a humidifier always good to where it should be placed in and find a humidifier that it correctly reflects. The highest dimension of space is indicated in square meters (m2)

Cleaning Humidifier

Often standing or hanging a humidifier somewhere in the room, where there is little bothers or where they do not mind the view state. That also means that you do not pay too much attention anymore. However, it is critical to regularly clean the water tank of the humidifier, especially if these equally not have been on. In the water is clear stagnant water where bacteria, such as Legionella, can settle. Make it so regularly, so that your health suffers not covered herein.

Humidifiers in the nursery!

Many baby rooms, the humidity, is often below 40%, especially in winter when the heating is running at full speed. Dry air causes the spread of bacteria and viruses, dry skin, eyes and lips, and especially irritation in throat and airways by poor breathing. The humidification provides a healthy humidity, optimally between 40 and 60%. It has two beautiful humidifiers: a stylish white bulb with LED night light and timer functions, but also a fresh mushroom in red and green!

Humidifier air purifier

In newborn babies, the lungs are often not well developed to filter out small particles. In particular, the presence of smoke, dust, pollen and pets have a bad influence on the health of the baby. The stylish purifier ionizes the air and has a HEPA filter which filters out 99.9% of these particles and then pure, clean air blows.


Additionally, It has a new line of essential oils that can be used as aromatherapy humidifiers and air purifiers. The aromas have positive effects on sleep and promote the physical and mental relaxation in babies and small children. Available in lavender, eucalyptus, and citronella.


Ultrasonic technology with cold mist, the correct humidity in the air of the nursery. Proper humidity Prevents a lot of coughs.

The humidifier is equipped with a nightlight. The humidifying the air can be a good idea during the cold months When the central heating is running enough conditioning and the air is dry. ‘S Low humidity not suitable for babies and children. For one way, goals your bedroom misstated the humidifier is not. For example, low humidity can cause dry skin, itchy eyes and dried notes. Is your little one already cold? Just then a few more humid air more pleasant. Not for nothing grandma used to come all the tip to hang a wet towel on the radiator. The humidifier works very simply. You put him down and press the button. The fog starts to get directly to clean the air / hold with the built-ionizer. There is a large water tank 1 liter, so you do not have to fill in.

  • works quietly
  • No filter required
  • Automatically turns off
  • large water tank
  • with nightlight
  • interval timer
  • directly fog
  • Compact design
  • energy saving
  • Speed ??control

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